hardly the final. however this is my work don't steal it-- make your own and make it different.

Someone didn't send me their email. they must not use it anymore. ;) I figure here would be safe enough anyway. So, before you go tearing my work apart I have some questions/comment that I am concerned about and would like addressed.
--The templates they gave me are kinda different? I can't make it work all three of them. should I make it longer to make it fit the guy wearing the shirt? (also I didn't edit it so it looks like he's wearing it. I assume it will bend around him a little.) I don't even know if I could make it fit the pic of the real (er looking) shirt.
--The collar/shoulders. Should I make it match the shirt more? the back of it (seen in image two without the swirls.) should I make the back neckline farther up and/or matching the collar of the shirt too? it currently has the same collar as the front.
--detail. should there be more of it? (which also means less printed. I'm a little nervous about how much would be printing now.) less of it? I have no idea if I can use more then one color, because the information they had was also unclear. My brother suggested I send it to threadless, so if you can find out... if it even needs more colors.
--Also about the colors I don't know what colors. I was thinking of having it a like clear shiny coated color, but that doesn't need to be the case. oh and shirt color, both colors if you have any opinions on what it should or shouldn't be.
--obviously anything glaringly obvious that I missed, because I stare at a screen all day.
I feel like there was more I wanted to ask about. Or is it just plain hideous or no one would like it and I should try something else. or give up.

Okay, go. *throws up a shield to protect herself from people who may have gone to realer art schools* Also, I can't put fake html where real html can go.


.morgan. said...

Okay, here's my $0.02:
First of all, I like the design! I think if you were to add anything to it, it may take away from what (at least to me) is appealing, in that it's simple. So definitely keep it as-is. With the right colour combination, that should be all you need :). In terms of placement, I do think that you should make the back side collar match the collar of the shirt more... all you would need to do is make the current arch you have more shallow?
On the 1st pic with the guy- the placement of the sleeves is a really good fit. The collar may need to come up a little... I think i'm sticking by my thought that they should adhere to the shirt collar a bit more. You may need to slightly alter the shape of the chestpiece too, since it looks like widest part may not completely on the front of a shirt? Could just be the weird template.
So colour- I think the way it looks (correct me if I'm wrong) is that for the line work, you would just use the colour of the shirt? If so, I say go with that so that you only have 1 colour to print. If that's not what you did... then that's my input! haha
also, I like the first and last pics for colour combos. I feel like the middle one- black with blue shirt is a little clashy. Maybe for that, do a white chestpiece and then that same blue shirt? If you'd want to do a darker shirt... maybe a black shirt with a grey chest?
In terms of the paint you'd use, maybe even a matte would be okay. I think with this type of design it would work.
I believe that's all I got... hope that helps :)

HM Gartner said...

I also like the design. It might be a little too solid for me? If that makes any sense... The concept and the application is good, but you really have to be careful about the color choice, anything too bright or outlandish is going to look funny. A shiny unsaturated color or a matte unsaturated color would be good. (Stay within a few shades of the shirt color probably). But as far as placement goes, the first image seemed perfect, it didn't need to follow the shoulders exactly, just have a part of it flush with the seam. if you have to stretch the shoulders up and around a bit more to achieve that, you might want to. (Momo covered everything else I have to say in that department).

The swirls in the middle are wee tad distracting, as the first thing I saw looking at it was a face, but then I noticed the whole design. I think if you want to include the swirl, you should repeat that curve somewhere else within the design itself. My biggest suggestion is probably to include some more line width variations that would make it stand out better and look more intriguing and help you convey the shape/object more clearly. Right now it seems like all of the lines are similarly weighted, with just minimal differences. I think if you varied their widths more to emphasize shape versus pattern,or to show more perspective maybe have some of the lines tapering off (such as the swirls). It would make it more dynamic?

Over all I really like the concept. I'd wear that. I like the shoulders overlapping the sleeves, becoming their own sleeves, the shape tapering in on the sides and then flaring out so it would be flattering on the wearer. The open space in the middle, I'd want to wear a pendant or something and be all like "This is my crest. House Gartner FTW.". Anyway, keep on truckin, I like where you're going with it!

Cego Colher said...

Thanks ladies. I will do some work on it and put up a few alternates. If you guys wouldn't mind looking at more. :)

littlepixyboots said...

Nice design, and thanks for visiting my blog :)