I don't write or read Russian

I made this to tell people they wanted to move to Pripyat.


The Feather Gun

I have scanned all the parts to this piece and then arranged them in PS. Pretty simple, but I think it came out neat.

(Image copyright of Melinda Vieira.)


Draft 2

Fixed the collar thing. I put two slightly different designs, though they probably are just faces with eyebrows to Heather-- at least I didn't keep the mustache. and some color compos. The last one is the back. I also don't think I changed the line width. Nor have I checked to see if the bottom won't curve around the body. I'll work on it some more.

Oh, and I actually thought about the colors of these shirts. thoughts? or better ideas?


a very slight amount of tapering on these. I am afraid if I go too far it will stop looking good.


hardly the final. however this is my work don't steal it-- make your own and make it different.

Someone didn't send me their email. they must not use it anymore. ;) I figure here would be safe enough anyway. So, before you go tearing my work apart I have some questions/comment that I am concerned about and would like addressed.
--The templates they gave me are kinda different? I can't make it work all three of them. should I make it longer to make it fit the guy wearing the shirt? (also I didn't edit it so it looks like he's wearing it. I assume it will bend around him a little.) I don't even know if I could make it fit the pic of the real (er looking) shirt.
--The collar/shoulders. Should I make it match the shirt more? the back of it (seen in image two without the swirls.) should I make the back neckline farther up and/or matching the collar of the shirt too? it currently has the same collar as the front.
--detail. should there be more of it? (which also means less printed. I'm a little nervous about how much would be printing now.) less of it? I have no idea if I can use more then one color, because the information they had was also unclear. My brother suggested I send it to threadless, so if you can find out... if it even needs more colors.
--Also about the colors I don't know what colors. I was thinking of having it a like clear shiny coated color, but that doesn't need to be the case. oh and shirt color, both colors if you have any opinions on what it should or shouldn't be.
--obviously anything glaringly obvious that I missed, because I stare at a screen all day.
I feel like there was more I wanted to ask about. Or is it just plain hideous or no one would like it and I should try something else. or give up.

Okay, go. *throws up a shield to protect herself from people who may have gone to realer art schools* Also, I can't put fake html where real html can go.


book covers

A book cover I did for Cather in the Rye, it was just an exercise.

cover for a collection of short stories.

front cover for a PI novella



(above)college reading poster. William Giraldi said that he really liked it and he was going to hang one in his apartment.

type project of an "adventure." Clearly, I am from New England, because I missed an r.

an ad for a (obviously) fake band's concert.

College poster for the reading of work by several alumni.


(above) a logo for a made up video gaming company.

A logo for a non-existent gaming system

food company logo

a designer, I respect, in the class told me "That's what I was looking for."

Logo for granite

my own brandmark

a logo I am currently working on.


Angry Emails not Sent: Website

On Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 10:42 AM, _____ wrote:

Hello all,

If some of you are using the website, obviously there have been some recent glitches. These occurred in the transition from one domain, where the site was developed (and these problems did not exist), to the _____ domain. For some reason, in the transition, things popped up.

Some of you will see problems others never have. Those are the sub-menus (the black type) appearing in the red box after you have moved to a page, and then try to pull up sub-menus from that page. Those of you encountering this are using Internet Explorer...

We now have a group of 3 programmers working long hours going through all the code, etc., trying to fix all components that may impact these fixes. A lot of it is taking place in the background, and has not been applied to the live website yet. In some cases, figuratively speaking (very), throwing a switch over here has caused a complication over there as changes have been made. For you techies, I confess that is a vast simplification, but it is just to present a simple picture.
I apologize for any inconvenience. We are tackling those things that are critical first, and we'll be making changes in the next few days.

I appreciate the patience and support you have already had on these issues.

On Sat, Feb 12, 2011 at 8:47 PM, Melinda (had not) wrote:

I don't usually use the website, but upon my latest need for it I noticed the new site. It's quite impressive how the website went from bad to worse. I wonder why you thought this site would be better then the last.

Yes, I do seem to have problems others don't have. what is up with the two vastly different navigation bars? The strange square photos? the way those strange square photos are cropped? Why are they photos of people and not of their work? Why are they only at the top half of the window? And your choice of photos? At least you got rid of that sticker next to the logo of the school, which by the way is also over lapping that "red" square awkwardly. About that "red" square, it's actually pink or at the very least a pink and flamboyant red. oh and a drop shadow? Did anyone look at where the "r" lands on Nick Flynn's part of the (retarded) gif?

3 programmers?! And how many designers have you?

You should also apologize for the terrible design you have. I graduated from there I would like not to be embarrassed because the school I graduated from can't even get a designer to make their website.

Graphic Designer Alumni

Art a "day" : Cat and Buddha

For Furries: The real Catgirl

Buddha under his tree.

Yeah, I haven't kept up with my attempt of sanity.

What I did in school today.

(it actually wasn't today, but was in school.)

it was a project that the first graders also did.


Art a Day: Found Poem: Silent War (not formatted)

Resisted as long as I could.
I was fourteen. It was time.
"War." I stopped brushing my hair.
silence can be a deadly killer.
Strong urges to escape this quiet.
Lesions filled with booze at night.
Just another something you never knew.
All the wine glasses were dirty.
Problems turning like wheels in sand.
Completely smooth, like a babies butt.
the lamp exploded. you just laughed.


Art a Day: Daisy

I am still going crazy. The word of today was daisy. this is a logo.


IF: Chicken

Chicken playing Chicken. I know terrible.
As the lack of a job will quickly drive me insane, besides looking, I am starting up IF again and.... going to attempt to make a piece of art everyday, not just for IF.

this is just one of the little chickens bigger. I like it better.