I don't write or read Russian

I made this to tell people they wanted to move to Pripyat.


The Feather Gun

I have scanned all the parts to this piece and then arranged them in PS. Pretty simple, but I think it came out neat.

(Image copyright of Melinda Vieira.)


Draft 2

Fixed the collar thing. I put two slightly different designs, though they probably are just faces with eyebrows to Heather-- at least I didn't keep the mustache. and some color compos. The last one is the back. I also don't think I changed the line width. Nor have I checked to see if the bottom won't curve around the body. I'll work on it some more.

Oh, and I actually thought about the colors of these shirts. thoughts? or better ideas?


a very slight amount of tapering on these. I am afraid if I go too far it will stop looking good.