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Shetha's adventure to Easter(n) Island

After Finding the Pyramids that led to the Eastern Island Shetha sets out on her search for Moai heads. She finds the first bunch during a rain storm at the beach.

The next group of Moai heads are on a cliff looking off to the ocean.

While wondering Shetha finds some writings. However we can't read them. She takes the lift behind her down...

A little too far. I think what was written on the paper must have been:

Through me the way into the suffering city,
Through me the way to the eternal pain,
Through me the way that runs among the lost.
Justice urged on my high artificer,
My maker was divine authority,
The highest wisdom, and the primal love.
Before me nothing but eternal things were made,
And I endure eternally.
Abandon every hope, ye who enter here.

Damn, There are even little devils here.


Bible Girl

I should start by saying that these are based on real people, but none of them would ever hurt anyone without being threatened themselves. These were for laughs, a joke in an almost terrifying scenario for one person involved.
This is not in order as I drew them, but in the order that I think makes the most sense to an outside observer.

this piece is in response to the fact that one of my friends thought I should not post one of these comics outside my door. He is the blue one. "That's rude and offensive." The red one, well he thought it was funny and I should put it up. Also I do indeed live in a white padded room.

"Don't Air" is what the sign says. Here is the story: the middle guy, he's on the look out for this crazy chick- that has a crush on him. He has to be a little nice to her, because he is the instructional assistant for her Intro to Fiction class. She is annoying and always opens her mouth to say nothing important. Usually it has to do with Jesus. She thinks the rest of us are all godless heathens, because we don't know anything about religion---her religion. (note that not everyone at this place is a godless heathen, we are just more open minded and don't-- well talk about our beliefs all the time like she does, but we do all know that Jesus was in fact supposed to have been Jewish)She uses any excuse at all to talk to- almost anyone and she does not get it that no one really wants to listen to her talk about Jesus or that her someone is having another (hopefully not crazy) baby.
I should also mention that the gentleman in the middle kept getting faceplate messages from the girl about things, babies, her having problems, but not tell him what they were-- things he really didn't care about. The best one-- all it said was "I have good news." I am not going to say what we think that meant.
The two gents on the sides- they are, for lack of a better word, his bodyguards. They would be near him or would warn him with a quick "cobra" or "the cobra is coiled" to tell him that she was near.

(I changed tenses in the middle of this thing) The sign says "subway bear" he was doodling comics at the time this scenario happened.(he's the one sitting- I'm the one in the long coat this time) There is also something I should mention I have a crush on the kid too, but you know what, He's actually friends with me. (we are dating now) I thought, besides of course the fact that he is my friend, I should help him out here-- if I can. Well, I couldn't. my music player was playing- Japaneses metal about raping girls and Finnish metal about raping fingers of lovely rooms? (I'm not sure about that)It didn't work. she broke my bubble of heathen sins and stuff with her Jesus power.

The gent said that one day myself and another lovely lady would just shoot her with tranquilizer darts.

one of the Gent's guards- an avid Halo player."You have been killed by [player name]" apparently bibles and crosses are loot.

We had to deal with her on the way to "The City" she brought her hairdryer! we were there two days! one night. seriously. anyway, we obviously couldn't actually tie her on the roof. She later complained to someone (a friend???) that is was terrible sitting near me and the Gent. (she's the one who said there) she called him "captain..." something, the lovely lady who overheard this doesn't remember what. I wore a Bad Religion t-shirt and we went into a porn store. The Gent was willing to go into a strip club to get away from her. (apparently this is something that would bother him) I said "whatever" She didn't follow us so we didn't need to find a strip club to hide from her. The porn store was on the way back-- we didn't- I didn't want to sit in the van with her. (and I wanted to look for something, I didn't find it)

I was trying to befriend attack pigeons in that city. (someone must have been talking about carrier pigeons and I wanted some and some attack pigeons.)

After Sartre. I haven't read/seen No Exit so, the only knowledge I had when I drew this was what other people told me- not that it matters. Hell is other people- that's all that matters. The other girl. Well, we were getting sick of the stuff she was saying about/to her roommate- that's lovely lady. That girl hates the Gent too.(this one was my last one and a while after I did the others. I couldn't find the others, nor did I spend as much time on it. that's why it doesn't the same.)