Angry Emails not Sent: Website

On Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 10:42 AM, _____ wrote:

Hello all,

If some of you are using the website, obviously there have been some recent glitches. These occurred in the transition from one domain, where the site was developed (and these problems did not exist), to the _____ domain. For some reason, in the transition, things popped up.

Some of you will see problems others never have. Those are the sub-menus (the black type) appearing in the red box after you have moved to a page, and then try to pull up sub-menus from that page. Those of you encountering this are using Internet Explorer...

We now have a group of 3 programmers working long hours going through all the code, etc., trying to fix all components that may impact these fixes. A lot of it is taking place in the background, and has not been applied to the live website yet. In some cases, figuratively speaking (very), throwing a switch over here has caused a complication over there as changes have been made. For you techies, I confess that is a vast simplification, but it is just to present a simple picture.
I apologize for any inconvenience. We are tackling those things that are critical first, and we'll be making changes in the next few days.

I appreciate the patience and support you have already had on these issues.

On Sat, Feb 12, 2011 at 8:47 PM, Melinda (had not) wrote:

I don't usually use the website, but upon my latest need for it I noticed the new site. It's quite impressive how the website went from bad to worse. I wonder why you thought this site would be better then the last.

Yes, I do seem to have problems others don't have. what is up with the two vastly different navigation bars? The strange square photos? the way those strange square photos are cropped? Why are they photos of people and not of their work? Why are they only at the top half of the window? And your choice of photos? At least you got rid of that sticker next to the logo of the school, which by the way is also over lapping that "red" square awkwardly. About that "red" square, it's actually pink or at the very least a pink and flamboyant red. oh and a drop shadow? Did anyone look at where the "r" lands on Nick Flynn's part of the (retarded) gif?

3 programmers?! And how many designers have you?

You should also apologize for the terrible design you have. I graduated from there I would like not to be embarrassed because the school I graduated from can't even get a designer to make their website.

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