Art a Day: Found Poem: Silent War (not formatted)

Resisted as long as I could.
I was fourteen. It was time.
"War." I stopped brushing my hair.
silence can be a deadly killer.
Strong urges to escape this quiet.
Lesions filled with booze at night.
Just another something you never knew.
All the wine glasses were dirty.
Problems turning like wheels in sand.
Completely smooth, like a babies butt.
the lamp exploded. you just laughed.


Art a Day: Daisy

I am still going crazy. The word of today was daisy. this is a logo.


IF: Chicken

Chicken playing Chicken. I know terrible.
As the lack of a job will quickly drive me insane, besides looking, I am starting up IF again and.... going to attempt to make a piece of art everyday, not just for IF.

this is just one of the little chickens bigger. I like it better.