Master Chief

Hm, I didn't make this, but a friend of mine did.


"cover Art"



Illustration Friday: Cars

Done in charcoal pencil for my Drawing 1 class last semester.


Illustration Friday: Gravity

Yeah, this isn't a truly original idea, is it? (Quotes from Life, The Universe and Everything From Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers' series)


Illustration Friday: Crash

A few months ago in one of my classes all these birds just kept flying into the windows. It was disturbing. It might have been what I thought of for this or just what I thought of after I started. I think someone else mentioned something about birds hitting windows a few weeks ago. Well, Anyway this is what I ended up with.


Illustration Friday: Sprout

Originally I wanted to draw a guy with an arm sticking out from his head, but I didn't do that. Well, I like this better,but since I didn't actually draw a guy with an arm coming out of his head there is no way to know. Anyway, the grass wasn't that good of an idea, but I didn't know what else to put.


Illustration Friday: Red

I made this for my myspace default picture, because of Valentine's Day. And It looks like it would also fit under the category of RED. I wanted something for Illustration Friday, anyway.